About myself:My major is accounting. In Spring, I have 14 units. My accounting 351 is on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10 pm. I have a hybrid class( Accounting 350 Com) on Wednesday from 11am to 12:15pm. My another hybrid class (management 360) is on 4 to 5:15 pm. on Wednesday. My accounting 380 is on Wednesday from 7 to 10 pm. I have an online class(religions study). for all of them I have weekly quizzes and homework. I have two daughters 18 years and 22 years old that have part time jobs and are full time student. I have to take care of them, clean house, make food and do shopping. Suppose my husband is on vacation during a week. I have two cars. I am unemployed. I aske one of my close friends to do these jobs for me. please write an imaginary plan for me based of the following instruction and answer these two question in 500 words: You are going away for one full week. During this time, someone is going to take over your entire life:
They will be going to school for you, completing all of your required assignments and taking your exams for you.
They will be going to work for you, and you will be held accountable for them completing all your work assignments and performing all the functions of your job.
They will be taking over all of your extracurricular, volunteer, and family responsibilities
They will be running your household
Select a specific person who will be taking over your life for one week. You may select any week during Spring 3019 semester to go away.
Create a comprehensive Training Plan for your selected person. This plan will ensure that all your responsibilities are completed to your expectations. Customize your training plan to the specific person you have selected to take over your life. Be certain to utilize concepts from the text to create your plan.
2. What did you learn about training and employee development from this experience?The Human Side of Management
Debbie Glick

I know we are skipping around in the
I know that this chapter references
information from previous chapters
I know this may be confusing
Please just deal with it

Thank you

In addition to your regular assignments due
next week:
Complete PACE assessment (posted in
Canvas) and bring completed assessment to
class with you
Bring PACE descriptors (posted in Canvas) to
class with you
How can organizations prosper through
compliance with Corporate Social
Responsibility and Ethical Trade

– Human Resources processes
– Individual Differences
– Diversity in a Global Economy
– Communication and Motivation
– Managing Teams
– Leadership

How many of you have ever had a problem
How much time did it take you to deal with
the problems?
What did it cost you?

As a manager 80% of your time will be spent
with your bottom 20% employees
Does this make any sense to you?




How did Zappos find such wonderful
Are Zappos employees really that
Is this just luck?
So, this is embarrassing… behind the scenes, we
had a perfect storm of things that went wrong at
our warehouses and your order will arrive one day
later than we originally promised. We tracked down
part of the issue which was the result of human
error which partly caused us to do the wrong
thing. We just did the math and about 13,000
customers were affected by this, which frankly
makes this completely unacceptable since we
normally try to underpromise and overdeliver, but
that clearly wasn’t the case today.
So, instead of your order being delivered by
Tuesday, July 8th, as promised, it’s now
expected to be delivered by Wednesday, July
9th instead. If this is causing you undue
hardship, please call us at 800-927-7671 or
email us at cs@zappos.com and we will bend
over backwards to make it right. We promise.
If this isn’t causing you undue hardship but is just
extremely annoying, please call us and ask whoever
answers the phone to do something weird or
embarrassing, like sing “I’m A Little Teacup” or do their
best audio impression of a cute little kitten.
You trusted us, and we failed this time…
If there’s anything we can do to get a little smile out of
you, just let us know what it is and we’ll do our best to
-Tony (Zappos.com CEO)

The most important step in successful Human
Resource Management is to start out right by
selecting the best employees
Identify job Competencies
Establish selection criteria
Source qualified candidates
Screen candidates
Interview selected candidates

We will be interviewing Customer Service
Representative candidates today for
What are all the skills, abilities and attributes
necessary to become a Zappos.com Customer
Service Representative?

What is your best resource for sourcing
qualified applicants? ***
What other sources can you utilize?

What criteria will you use to screen
Get into groups of 3 people
Each group will have:
◦ One manager
◦ One applicant
◦ One observer

Role play the following interview scenario:
◦ Manager ask applicant:
 “Tell me about your customer service experience”
◦ Applicant respond by sharing your own personal
customer service experience
◦ Observer make notes

Past behavior is the best indicator of future
Interview questions should ask an applicant
to identify what they have actually done in a
real situation, not what they think they would

Manager and applicant switch roles
Observer stays the same

Manager asks applicant:

◦ “Tell me about a time when you had a difficult customer
 What was the situation?
 What did you do?
 What did you learn?

Applicant respond based on your own experience
Observer take notes

Observers – which applicant did better?
◦ Raise Yellow card for applicant 1
◦ Raise Red card for applicant 2

How do you know they did better?
What criteria were you using to make that

Exhibited ability to handle difficult customer
Exhibited ability to convey information verbally
Exhibited positive interpersonal skills:
◦ Maintained appropriate eye contact
◦ Active listening
◦ Positive facial expressions
Exhibited ability to use a probing questioning
strategy to gain understanding
Rate each applicant on a scale of 1 – 10 based
on the above criteria
Now which applicant performed better? Why?
Identify Job Competencies:
1. Skills, abilities, attributes
Identify Assessment Criteria
◦ Your description of what you are looking for with
each criteria
Evaluate each Selection Criteria on a scale of
1 – 10
Overall high score is your best applicant

◦ Online Assignment

Ongoing development
◦ What ongoing development programs can you
recommend for Zappos.com?

Pay and benefits

Employee Engagement

Employee Satisfaction is the most important
factor identified for the retention of
But how do you satisfy employees?
I know what is expected of me at work
I have the materials and equipment I need
to do my work right
At work I have the opportunity to do what I
do best every day
In the last seven days I have received
recognition or praise for doing good work
My supervisor seems to care about me as a
There is someone at work who encourages
my development
At work my opinions seem to count
The mission/ purpose of my company
makes me feel my job is important
My fellow employees are committed to
doing quality work
I have a best friend at work
In the past 6 months someone at work has
talked to me about my progress
This last year I have had opportunities to
learn and grow
Buckingham and Coffman, First Break all the Rules – What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, 1999.

Performance Appraisal assesses PRIOR
Development plans create FUTURE growth
opportunities and provide a path to attain
career growth
Complete Online Assignment # 3
◦ Training someone to take over your life
Read Chapter 14
Complete Online Quiz # 4

Understanding Individual Behavior

Complete PACE Behavioral Assessment (posted on
Moodle) and completed copy to class with you
Bring copy of PACE Color Descriptors (posted on
Canvas) to class with you

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