Question 1 The composition of Earth’s mantle is __________________?  peridotite .gabbro and granite iron and aluminium iron & nickelQuestion 2 The Earth’s lithosphere is composed of ________________?  the crust and upper mantle, both of which are liquid the crust and upper mantle, both of which are solid the upper and lower mantle, both of which are solid the lower mantle and core, both of which are liquidQuestion 3 Which of the following statements is NOT true about the earth’s crust? The most common rocks which constitute the crust are granite and basalt. The crust and the upper mantle make up the asthenosphere. The thickness of the crust is between 0-100 kms. The crust lies on top of the mantle.Question 4 Which of the followings is NOT among the most prominent features on earth? Cratonic shield Mountain belts Rivers Deep Oceanic Trench Mid-oceanic ridgeQuestion 5 What is the typical rate of seafloor spreading? 60 to 80 centimeters per year 1 to 10 centimeters per year 11 to 15 centimeters per year 1/100 to 1/10 centimeters per yearQuestion 6  Examples of volcanic islands formed in conjunction with oceanic-oceanic convergent plate collisions include ____________?  the Alps and the Himalayas Japan and the Sierra Nevadas Japan and the Aleutian Islands the Phillipines and the AlpsQuestion 7  Most transform plate boundaries (faults) occur ________________? along the mid-ocean ridge system in Japan in the Appalachians in the middle of continentsQuestion 8 If new crust is indeed being produced at the rifts, where does the additional older crust go?  It is lost through subduction. It becomes oceanic crust. It becomes continental crust. It is lost through seafloor spreading.Question 9  When the India Plate and the Eurasian Plate collided, which mountain range was formed?  RockyHimalaya Alps AppalachianQuestion 10  Which of the following items is NOT indicated by MAGNETIC MINERALS in the Earth’s crust the direction to Earth’s magnetic poles the amount of iron in the crust when the mineral formed the latitude at which the mineral formed the distance to the Earth’s North or South Pole when the mineral formQuestion 11 Most of Earth’s volcanoes are located in the _______________ around the Pacific Rim just beyond the oceanic trenches, where magma, which is less dense than the surrounding rock, rises to the surface and erupts. Ring of Ice Ring of Water Ring of FireRing of SteamQuestion 12 The only layer of the earth’s interior that is liquid is the Mantle Outer Core Inner Core CrustQuestion 13 The eastern margins of North and South America and western margins of Europe and Asia are called ___________________ margins because there is no subduction taking place. active transform passive eastquestion 14When an ocean plate converges with another plate, what is created on the seafloor at the line of convergence? magetic reversal trench mountainssea monstersQuestion 15 Which fold belt mountain formed from the collision between the Indian plate and the Asian plate?  Appalachian Range Himalaya Range Karakoram Range Scenic MountainQuestion 16 The strongest objection to Wegener’s continental drift theory was ____?  the man who proposed it was German and hence did not publish in English the theory did not explain where North America was during the late Paleozoic the theory required all continents to be covered with ice the theory provided no mechanism by which the continents moved aroundQuestion 17  What two land masses were split apart along the Red Sea rift zone? Africa and Europe North America and Europe North America and South America Africa and the Arabian PeninsulaQuestion 18 Convergent plate boundaries are places at which _____________? crust is destoryed crust is conserved (neither created nor destroyed)crust turns blacknew crust is created (constructed)Question 19  Since the original discovery of magnetic reversals, scientists have shown that these reversals have occurred over the past 10 million years at an average rate of 4 to 5 reversals per million years. The last such reversal occurred about how many years ago?  680,000 years780,000 years 880,000 years 980,000 yearsquestion 20process is occurring at the points labeled “C” and “D”?  rising magma, magma comes up as plates diverge subduction, where one plate is sliding beneath the other formation of transform faults formation of new platesQuestion 21 Strips of identical oceanic crust form on both sides of the mid-ocean ridge system. They display _______________?  black and white colors reversed and normal magnetic polarity marine and non-marine fossils granitic and basaltic compositionQuestion 22 Faults associated with zones of subduction are _____________ faults depending on the angle of the dip.  normal reverse or thrust left-lateral strike-slip right-lateral strike-slipQuestion 23 When rocks experience BRITTLE DEFORMATION, they are most likely to ____________________? turn black fold fracturechange to quartzQuestion 24  Which of the following does NOT influence the strength of a rock and how it will deform? time temperature rock type rock colorQuestion 25  Tensional stress ______________________?  shortens rock bodies and occurs along convergent plate boundaries elongates rock bodies and occurs along convergent plate boundaries elongates rock bodies and occurs along divergent plate boundaries elongates rock bodies and occurs along transform plate boundaries

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