Question 1  The word pyroclastic flow is used to describe certain types of volcanic material flow. What does the word mean?  fire fragments or a cloud of searing gas and rock lava flowing really fast Water mixed with the lava gneous rocks of very large sizeQuestion 2 According to the movie “Vesuvius Ancient Rome Documentary ” how deep (thick) was the volcanic ash that buried the town? 70 feet 70 meters 70 inches 7 milesQuestion 3 Which of the following volcanoes is NOT a composite cone (strata volcano)? Mount. Rainier, Washington Glacier Peak, Washington Mount Fuji, JapanSunset Crater, Arizona Mount Vesuvius, ItalyQuestion 4 Multiple answer question !Among the following choices, which three factors play the most significant role in making a volcanic eruption violent?(three correct answers) Silica content Amount of Ferromagnesian Dissolved Gasses emprature of Magma Depth of MagmaQuestion 5 1 ptsWhich of there statements are true?A. The researchers found that Mt St. Helen has very large scale eruption every 1000 years, and it is not possible for the volcano to have a big eruption in less than 200 years.B. At present, scientists are not able to predict, when big eruption of Mt St. Helen will take place.C. Based on the study of rocks of earlier eruption the scientists are able to say that, the 1980 eruption more than 10 times larger than any other eruption happened in last 4000 years.D. In 1479, A.D., and 1482, there were two very large eruptions, larger than 1980s eruption. So the volcano is capable of producing two highly explosive eruptions in a span of less than three years. A, B, C and D A, B and C only A and C only B and D only C and Donly CQuestion 6According to the movie”Vesuvius Ancient Rome Documentary ” what was the first warning (17 years before the eruption) that the citizens of Pompeii and Herculaneum had that Mt. Vesuvius was becoming active again? an earthquake a thunderbolt sea monsters crawling up on the shore there was no advanced warningQuestion 7 In mafic magma, when the magma cools slowly underground, the product will be _________; if it cools quickly at the surface, the product will be_______?  Basalt; gabbro Granite; rhyolite Gabbro; basalt Rhyolite; graniteQuestion 8 Which of the following creature survived the 1980 at Mt. Saint Helens eruption, and was the first one to appear in the affected areas?[answer is in the Mount St. Helen’s Movie] Deer Northern pocket gopher Elk Mouse GroundhogQuestion 9 Which of the followings statements are true?A. A normal human being can out run the lava flow.B. Pyroclastic flows are the second most violent events in volcanology after lava flows.C. On steep volcanoes pyroclastic flows can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour.Only A A and B A and C B and C A , B and CQuestion 10  Felsic Lavas have: Lower Silica: Lower Viscosity Higher Silica: Higher Viscosity Lower Silica: Higher Viscosity Higher Silica: Lower ViscosityQuestion 11 A good example of a shield volcano is _______________? Sunset Crater, Arizona Mount St. Helens, Washington Crater Lake, Oregon Mauna Loa, HawaiiQuestion 12 The composition of shield volcanoes is typically ____________?  basaltic andesitic felsic any compositionQuestion 13A “clastic” sediment with a grain size between 0.063 and 2 millimeters would be called a _____________?  Cobble Sand Clay SiltQuestion 14  In geologic terminology, the size range of PEBBLES is _________? 2-4 millimeters 2-64 millimeters 64-256 millimeters < 2 millimetersQuestion 15 The most common rocks at the Earth's surface are ____________? metamorphic rocks intrusive igneous rocks extrusive igneous rocks sedimentary rocksQuestion 16  Which of the following is NOT a CONTINENTAL sedimentary environment?  fluvial eolian submarine fan glacialQuestion 17 Alluvial fans are formed when _________.  a narrow valley with a steep slope opens in to a wider valley (or a flat land) with a gentle slope (or no slope) . the physical interaction of flowing water and the natural channels of rivers and streams. the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream. when a ridge of sand created by the wind; found in deserts or near lakes and oceans.Question 18 Which sedimentary rock is composed of calcium carbonate, and was formed from skeletons of tiny sea creatures. Also, was deposited in warm, shallow seas. Limestone Sandstone Chert TravertineQuestion 19  Another word for "chemical" sedimentary rocks is ___________?  clastics sandstones carbonates and evaporites conglomeratesQuestion 20 Which of the following cementing agents in sedimentary rocks would tend to make the rock fizz (effervesce) in dilute HCl?  calcium carbonate (calcite) silica (quartz) pyrite iron oxide (hematite)Question 21 Sedimentary rocks comprise (make up) roughly _________ % by volume of the outer 10 miles of the Earth? 5 1 8 20Question 22 Sedimentary rocks are economically important because they may contain:[choose all the correct answers] Coal Petroleum Natural Gas Iron Aluminum CopperQuestion 23 Most of the the carbonates (limestone & dolostones) are deposited in what types of sedimentary environments?  continental dessert fluvial oceansQuestion 24Depositional environments associated with streams or rivers are called ______? eolian nonmarine fluvialglacialQuestion 25 The main factors that control metamorphic processes are:The mineral composition of the parent rockThe temperature at which metamorphism takes placeThe amount and type of pressure during metamorphismThe types of fluids (mostly water) that are present during metamorphismThe amount of time available for metamorphismWhich of the following statement is NOT true regarding the controls of metamorphic processes? Mostly sedimentary or igneous rock are parent rocks. In some cases it metamorphic rocks can also be a parent rock. All minerals are stable over a specific range of temperatures. Mineral stability only depends on the temperature. Quartz is stable fromu environmental temperatures up to about 1800°C. Pressure is important in metamorphic processes for two main reasons. First, it has implications for mineral stability. Second, it has implications for the texture of metamorphic rocks. The critical feature of the parent rock is its mineral composition because it is the stability of minerals that counts when metamorphism takes place.

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