Question 1 You have an outcrop of sandstone that contains inclusions of a limestone. What does that tell you about the age of the sandstone versus the limestone?  the sandstone is older the limestone is Paleozoic because its inclusions contain fossils the limestone and the sandstone are the same age the limestone is olderQuestion 2 What is the difference between relative and absolute age dating?  Relative dating involves your sister or brother, absolute age dating involves a committed relationship, no matter with whom relative age dating involves putting a real age number on an event, absolute age dating involves telling which came first and which came second relative age dating involves telling which came first and which came second, absolute age dating involves putting a real (absolute) age number on an event they are both the same thingQuestion 3  The first abundant metazoan fossils appear at the beginning of the _____________?  Proterozoic Cambrian PermianCretaceousQuestion 4  The Principle of Inclusions states that ___________________?  rocks that contain inclusions of another rock are always younger than the rock from which the inclusions came rocks that contain inclusions of another rock are always older than the rock from which the inclusions came inclusions are always darker colored than the rock that contains them because they are older inclusions always contain fossils that will tell you the relative age of the rockQuestion 5 ______________ occurs when there are missing deposits between 2 flat-lying formations.  This is the most difficult type of unconformity to detect. rounded unconformity nonconformity disconformity angular unconformityQuestion 6  The word PALEOZOIC means ________?  all life early life recent life middle lifeQuestion 7  Which type of unconformity has metamorphic or igneous rocks in contact with sedimentary rocks disconformity nonconformity angular unconformity flat unconformityQuestion 8 The Principle of Original Horizontality states that _________?  igneous rocks are always deposited horizontally metamorphic rocks are always deposited horizontally all rocks are horizontal sediments or lava flows are generally deposited horizontallyQuestion 9 What is the Principle of Superposition? Geologic structure is younger than any geologic structure it cuts across. in an undeformed sequence of sedimentary rocks, the oldest rocks are on the top in an undeformed sequence of sedimentary rocks, the oldest rocks are on the bottom older rock fragments found within igneous intrusions. it is “super” to be in the top positionQuestion 10  An INDEX FOSSIL must be _______________________? geographically widespread easy to identify limited to a short span of geologic time all of the answers shownQuestion 11  Earthflows are most common in ____________?  humid regions dry regionsareas underlain by granite areas with no hills or mountainsQuestion 12  Which of the statements is NOT true about Rock Fall ? Rock fragments break off from steep bedrock slope. Rock falls with a slow speed in a rock fall mass wasting. Most common cause of Rock Fall, or breaking off of rock material is frost wedging. Rock fall happens at vertical or near vertcal angles.Question 13 In mass wasting an outside force that gets things moving is called a trigger. One of the most common triggers is the vibrations of an earthquake. What are the two important processes through which an earthquake can trigger a mass wasting event.[please choose two answers]Earthquake vibrations can sepprate weak spots in rocks, and break the cohesion between rock and soil particles. Earthquakes cause fire and that makes the trees dead and this triggers a mass wasting event. Earthquakes raise the temprature and this causes metlting which reduces friction and this leads to mass wasting. Earthquakes trigger liquifaction in some soil which casues them to loose cohesion.Question 14  Which of the following is NOT used to classify mass wasting events?  type of material involved type of motion of the material speed (velocity) of the event hardness of the materialQuestion 15 The angle of repose for dry sand is  10 degrees. 25 degrees. 45 degrees. 65 degrees.Question 16 In geologic terms, CREEP is _______________? what a baby does before he learns to crawl faster what a car driven by a timid person might do very slow movement of soil downhill rapid movement of soil and regolith after an earthquakeQuestion 17  The tendency for like particles to stick together is called  strength. cohesion. inertia. friction.Question 18  Which of the following forms of weathering does NOT involve a mechanical weathering process?  oxidation frost wedging unloading biological activity abrasionQuestion 19  ______________ is the action of surface processes (such as water flow or wind) that remove soil, rock, or dissolved material from one location on the Earth’s crust, then transport it away to another location  Erosion Corrosion Explosion IdentificationQuestion 20 What type of soils do we have here in the Midland/Odessa area?  alfisols histosols aridosolsoxisolsQuestion 21 Which of the following chemical weathering process alters the feldspar to clay minerals?  oxidation hydrolysis abrasion dissolutionQuestion 22  Which SILICATE mineral is THE MOST resistant to weathering (weathers last or is hardest to weather)?  quartz olivineaugite biotiteQuestion 23 OXIDATION is a type of chemical weathering that particularly attacks what type of minerals? quartz carbonate minerals evaporite minerals iron rich minerals

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